Welcome to Södersjukhuset

Stockholm South General Hospital exterior

Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital) provides emergency medical care to half a million Stockholmers. Each year, close to 90, 000 people come here for emergency treatment, some 47, 000 patients are hospitalised and about 7, 000 children are delivered.

Södersjukhuset has the largest Emergency Care Unit in the Nordic region.

The high number of admissions ensures consistent refinement of staff skills as well as providing excellent opportunities for clinical research and teaching.

We work to provide Stockholmers with superior care round the clock, every day of the year.

We are the biggest employer in southern Stockholm, with a staff of about 4 100.  We also run one of the biggest maternity clinics in Sweden, with some 6 000 deliveries a year. Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital emergency unit treats about 17 600 children every year.

Nine out of every ten patients are satisfied with the care they receive and the way they are treated. We consider this a measure of our success. Another measure of success is how much our staff enjoy working at the hospital. Four out of five are so satisfied that they warmly recommend Södersjukhuset as a good place to work.


Södersjukhuset is organised into twelve departments:


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