Anaesthesia Department/ICU

The Anaesthesiology Section’s personnel are responsible for providing anaesthesia and pain relief during operations and examinations in all of the hospital’s operating theatres.

Anaesthetists are on call round the clock, to carry out appraisals of a patient’s state of health, prescribe the appropriate form of anaesthesia and to perform epidurals for pain relief during childbirth.

The section also functions as the hospital’s emergency in-house resource, able to respond with emergency assistance at any time of day or night on request from any department of the hospital. The emergency might involve a patient suffering a cardiac arrest or an acute condition affecting some other vital physical function.

Patients in need of constant monitoring are treated at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). These patients mostly need multidisciplinary care and many actions have to be coordinated to make it work effectively. A holistic approach, safety, high medical competence and qualified nursing characterise the work.

The Pain Clinic provides expertise in assessment and treatment of severe pain conditions, mainly for in-patients. The clinic also provides support, training and follow up of advanced postoperative pain management, and participates in teaching together with Karolinska Institutet. Our team consists of physicians, nurses, a psychologist and a medical secretary. To facilitate our assessment and prioritization, we need a referral from your attending physician.

The Sterile Services Department supplies the hospital with sterile disposable packages and sterile surgical instruments for internal and external customers.

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