Disaster & Emergency Medical Centre

The Disaster & Emergency Medical Centre (DEMC) organises medical emergency and disaster planning and clinical training for students and professional emergency personnel. The DEMC also provides an additional resource for Södersjukhuset’s research centre.

The DEMC offers practical and theoretical training in the field of emergency and disaster medicine, as well as organising medical and surgical training exercises. These training exercises comprise areas such as disaster management and protection, decontamination and care of disaster victims, inside and outside the hospital. Furthermore, the DEMC arranges disaster management training for the county’s hospital managements, in their actual environment.

Clinical training is organised under the Centre for Clinical Competence. This comprises a Clinical Training Ward (CTW??) and a Clinical Training Centre (CTC??). At the CTW, students work as a team to care for patients, under the supervision of experienced instructors. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary collaboration. About 270 students are trained at the CTW every year.
Some 8 000 students a year, as well as Södersjukhuset’s own personnel, come to the CTC to train practical skills with the help of the training equipment that is always available.

Senast uppdaterad: 2015-12-07