Södersjukhuset provides a broad range of orthopaedic care, involving both treatment of fractures and joint replacement surgery. The high volume of acute trauma cases encountered by staff on a daily basis provides experience of a unique diversity of injuries and fractures, experience that also benefits normal planned services.

The hospital operates some 6000 patients a year, either as emergency or planned cases. Knee and hip replacements are common planned surgical interventions, as are back operations and keyhole surgery for knees and shoulders. A separate unit has now also been opened to handle planned operations, improving the chain of care both for emergency and planned procedures.

Södersjukhuset conducts the highest number of hip fracture operations in Sweden, amounting to treatment of about 1000 hip fractures a year. The results are good, including low reoperation and infection frequencies, largely attributable to a modern evidence-based treatment programme.

Senast uppdaterad: 2009-02-03