Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital

Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital provides offers care to children and young adults up to the age of 18, providing treatment for everything from emergency and usually temporary conditions to lifelong illnesses.

Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital, established in the early 20th century, serves a cachement area with about 120 000 children and young adults. It comprises several clinics, a daycare clinic and home care service, as well as emergency and other clinics at Södersjukhuset. A number of other local paediatric clinics are linked to the Children and Youth Hospital.

The Children and Youth Hospital admits children and young adults with varying diagnoses and complex needs. In some cases a single visit will be sufficient, but more often than not, the child needs to see specialists with specialist competence. To meet this need, special teams have been formed to provide a broad range of professional expertise. Through these teams, patients and their families gain access to specialists in many fields, including neuropsychiatry, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, epilepsi and allergology.

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