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Welcome to Venhälsan

Venhälsan is a safe place. We would never report information about you to other authorities.
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All men and trans people who have sex with men/trans people are welcome to us at Venhälsan for STI testing, counselling and treatment with PrEP.

If you are a trans person and need to do a gynecological examination we refer to the Gynecological LGBT clinic at Ersta.


Click here for information about PrEP. 


If you do not have a Swedish personal number or if you are undocumented, you are welcome to our drop-in for STI testing:

Tuesdays at 15:00-18:00

Thursdays at 09:00-11:30

Due to upcoming 2024 summer vacation for our staff our availability for drop-in will be reduced during July. If you have symptoms you can still contact us on 08-123 625 00 to book an apointment. 

The following dates the drop-in will be closed:

  • 9/7-24 No drop in
  • 11/7-24 No drop in
  • 16/7-24 No drop in
  • 18/7-24 No drop in
  • 23/7-24 No drop in
  • 25/7-24 No drop in
  • 30/7-24 No drop in
  • 1/8-24 No drop in (Due to testing in Pride Park during Stockholm Pride.)


If you have a Swedish personal number we only accept visits by appointment.

If you do not have any symptoms and want to get an STI screening you can book an appointment directly through the e-services at 1177.

If you have STI symptoms we recommend that you call us for advice and an appointment scheduling. We usually try to arrange an appointment within 48 hours.

Phone number: 08-123 625 00

Telephone hours: Monday-Friday 07:30-11:00

When you call us, you get a booked time when we call you back.


You can also get tested at the following clinics in Stockholm:

 If you have symptoms of mpox you can also contact:

  • Specialistmottagning sexuell hälsa Ersta, telefon 08-123 729 22
  • Specialistmottagning sexuell hälsa KS Huddinge, 08-123 822 20


You can book an appointment for mpox vaccination in the app “Alltid Öppet”

You can only get vaccinated against mpox at Venhälsan if you live/are registered in Stockholm. If you live or are registered in another region, you must contact your home region för vaccination.

How to sign up for mpox vaccination:

  • Download the app “alltid Öppet” from Google Play or App Store.
  • Log in to the app using your Bank-Id
  • Click on “Sök vård” and search för “Venhälsan" among “Vårdenheter”
  • Click on the offer ”Vaccination mot mpox” and answer the questions to book an appointment.

If you do not have a Swedish personal number and/or BankID, you can contact us by phoning 08-123 625 00.


Digital booking notification

Region Stockholm has decided that appointment booking notifications will primarily be sent digitally in the Alltid Öppet app.

You who previously received e-invites via 1177 will now receive your invitations in Alltid Öppet.

You will receive an SMS when there is an e-invitation for you to read.

Download "Alltid Öppet" for iPhone

Download "Alltid Öppet" for Android


If you have HIV, regardles of gender, gender identity and sexual orention, we welcome you to our HIV clinic Infektionsmottagning 2